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Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion Congregation invites you to partake in a pivotal occasion:

The blossoming of a new era, fusing the values and principles of our storied past with our dynamic present and exciting future.

Join us in formally welcoming Rabbi Daniel Rose and his wife, Yocheved, to the helm of our shul and, by extension, to their role in leading the greater Baltimore community. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Rose personify the sincere values of Torah, leadership, communal responsibility and foresight that are at the heart of BJSZ, a symbol of warmth, vitality, and support.

For decades, our shul has embraced a diverse population, united in its quest for growth, meaning, and connection. BJSZ serves as a center of Jewish life in Baltimore and pulsates with purpose and activity at all hours of the day, drawing community-wide interest to its shiurim and programs. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Rose are both native to Baltimore and possess a natural familiarity with our community and a deep appreciation of BJSZ’s mission. Under their leadership, the shul will maintain its crucial role in our community while creating new opportunities to participate in Torah learning, community leadership, and engaging youth activities, always with the goal of fostering a strong sense of belonging and pride.

While Rabbi Rose is a well-known figure at BJSZ, having served as the assistant rabbi to Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Moshe Hauer, for over a decade, his appointment to his new role warrants a well-deserved celebration of the past, the present, and our exciting future.

Please join us as we honor Rabbi and Rebbetzin Rose and support the development of a beloved pillar of the Baltimore community.

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